Monday, 29 November 2010

Tatler: Bachelors, Eligible & Confirmed

Fagburn is not an avid reader of top peoples' magazine Tatler, so thanks to Guido Fawkes for drawing my attention to their list, Top Ten Eligible Bachelors 2010.
In at Number 8 is Christopher Myers.
"Close friend of Foreign Secretary William Hague. Ask for a double, not two singles. Good calves."
Guido waspishly comments about this eligible bachelor; "Presumably going for the Lifetime Achievement Award..."


  1. Its been a good day for William Hague.

  2. Rory Stewart was on Breakfast News this morning. He can't dress to save his life! He always wears shirts that are a couple of sizes too big and the cuffs jut out to an alarming degree.
    Very shoddy.

    Is he a gay, I wonder? He did that documentary on TE Lawrence which I enjoyed but only because the subject was interesting.

  3. Of course he is gay : just look at him.

    What's fascinating though is how he is managing to keep this fact from surfacing in the general media ( and why he's bothering when it's so obvious ) .

  4. But is it obvious? He is always going on in interviews about wanting to find a girlfriend. In the recent profile in the New Yorker it said he was well known for wooing women with poetry.