Friday, 24 December 2010

Bradley Manning: The Independent's "Under-appreciated Hero of 2010"

Fagburn was really pleased to see Johann Hari write about the plight of Bradley Manning, placing the Wikileaks whistleblower first in his list of "Under-appreciated Heroes of 2010" - making up for their patronising front cover story last Saturday (above).
"While we were all fixated on Julian Assange, the story of the young American soldier who actually leaked the classified documents passed almost unnoticed. If Manning was mentioned at all, it was to be described as an impetuous, angry kid who downloaded the documents on to a CD and leaked them as a result of a "grudge" or "tantrum"..."
"To prevent the major crime of torturing and murdering innocents, [Manning] committed the minor crime of leaking the evidence. He has spent the last seven months in solitary confinement – a punishment that causes many prisoners to go mad, and which the US National Commission on Prisons called "torturous". He is expected to be sentenced to 80 years in jail at least. The people who allowed torture have faced no punishment at all. Manning's decision was no "tantrum" – it was one of the most admirable stands for justice and freedom of 2010."
Hear hear.


  1. Worth noting that Johann Hari, a gay man, didn't mention in his (admittedly brief) piece that Manning is gay.
    The Guardian has only mentioned it once I'm pretty sure, though it's germane to Manning's disaffection with the US miltary and he was out and proud etc...

  2. A comment one hour ago under the Independent piece;

    "Bradley Manning, the poster-boy (dare I say, pin-up) for gays in the military. God help us, this socialist crap is going to destroy the USA. Bernie Sanders is an idiot, and the only honest Democrat in the US Congress (on the Senate side), he admits being a socialist. It's Tea-Party time! And Johann, kiss my rebel-arse, all of Europe would be speaking German or Russian right now if it wasn't for the USA. I think I'll start a new political movement here and call it YOYO – You're On Your Own. Good luck with the unraveling of the EU. Bunch of morons."

    I love right-wing goons who are such right-wing goons they read like satire…

  3. Queerty asks 'Will Bradley Manning ever be considered a human rights hero?'

    Stupid question - and some really stupid comments. Ho hum...