Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bradley Manning: No News, New Pic

The Sunday Times - once famed for its Insight Team's investigative reporting - runs a profile of Bradley Manning;
'Maverick soldier hands ‘doomsday files’ to wanted WikiLeaks chief The misfit at the heart of the leak of diplomatic cables boasted of the ease with which he snatched them'
What do we learn?
Erm, nothing much.
Like Gareth Williams - the MI6 agent and suspected murder victim - journalists are having trouble finding anything out about him.
It must be very frustrating for some that they haven't found any dirt on him - beyond speculation that a boyfriend once wore drag.
Manning's story is rarely fleshed out beyond; strange kid, very bright, joined the military, gay.
The Sunday Times has little to add.
"Mark Radford, editor of the Crescent Courier, the local newspaper, said last week: He was a friend of my son and would play at our house. He was very intelligent. While other children played video games, he was figuring out how to crack codes.'
Which sounds slightly improbable.
Oh well, they do have a nice new photo - like Williams there are but a handful of pictures of him being endlessly reprinted.
Here is Bradley on his 21st birthday, looking - I'm sure you'll agree - quite cute and slightly gay.
On Monday Republican presidential hopeful, Mick Huckabee, added his voice to those who have said Manning should be executed for treason.
On Friday, WikiLeaks' Juilan Assange called Manning "an unparalleled hero".
He is - please support Bradley Manning.

UPDATE: A wonderfully parochial piece in Wales On Sunday.
'Welsh schoolboy at the centre of Wikileaks row'
They quote "one of his fellow servicemen in the US...who has asked to be anonymous."
"Manning never had a mean thing to say about anyone. He was polite, sociable and eager to please. He was targeted though for being 'Chapter 15 [homosexual]."
Apart from that there's rehashes of the usual pre-cog; "He always had this sense that I'm going to right a big wrong. He was like that at school."


  1. I know it's naive but I hope he's as okay as possible under the circumstances. I mean, I hope he isn't being mistreated, though the likelihood that he is is high obviously.
    Agree he looks cute in that photo. My favourite photo is the one of him in front of the equality flag.
    Sad now. :(

  2. He looks so happy and carefree in that photo.


  3. I was just reading excerpts from the chat logs between Manning and Adrian Lamo.

    It's quite upsetting reading. It's quite clear how frightened and alone Manning was at the time. How idealistic he is and how the injustices he saw made him do what he did.
    Very upsetting.