Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Daily Mail: Xmas Is Evil

I'm not sure why The Daily Mail is getting angry about this poster, which they claim has been flyposted in Tower Hamlets by "an Islamic hate group".
STDs, debt, teenage pregnancies, abortion, raves, blasphemy, promiscuity, night clubs, crime, paedophilia, paganism, violence, vandalism, alcohol, drugs... if I could be arsed there are probably horror stories about all of these in today's Mail, as per.
Interesting they don't specify homosexuality on the poster - it's not on their laugh-a-minute website either - presumably they're giving it the ok.
Ah well, it is Christmas...


  1. This was also the front page of The Daily Star today...

  2. My main response was "ooohhh a bauble that says 'RAVE', nifty".