Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Equal Love: With This Spreadsheet I Thee Wed

The Guardian online has produced a fun little spreadsheet of the data on civil partnerships in the UK since they were introduced in 2005.
After an initial splurge it's now fallen to 6-7,000, but at present is dropping by about 1,000 a year - at this rate maybe there will be none in 2016.
One thing that stands out is the numbers for male and female "formations" are roughly the same, but women are about twice as likely to dissolve their CPs as men are.
The website for the Equal Love campaign - OutRage's legal bid to overturn the twin bans on same-sex civil marriage and opposite-sex civil partnerships. Equality for all, gay and straight - is here.
The Independent today has a great article by Joan Smith; 'Even the ancient Romans had different forms of marriage'
"...I'm sure Tony Blair meant well when he introduced civil partnerships, but it has become clear that he landed us with is a typical New Labour fudge. Now he has taken himself off to the Catholic Church, we are sorely in need of bolder, braver and more modern politicians to clear up the mess."

The illustration is from the Australian group also called Equal Love, who are campaigning for same-sex marriage. It's hard to illustrate a story about gay marriage without having another sodding stock photo of two mini groom figurines atop of a wedding cake.

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