Monday, 27 December 2010

Fagburn Awards 11: TV Programme Of The Year That's Not Glee

1. Ray Davies - Imaginary Man
Julien Temple is known as a beautifully inventive documentary-maker. Here his invention lay in just letting Britain's greatest - and maddest - songwriter speak for himself.

2. Birds Brittania
The name was a nod to the award-winning BBC4 strand of music documentaries. The programme was an entrancing social history of Britain told through its changing birdlife.
You won't get things like this when Rupert Murdoch runs the world, you know?

3. Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights
Made me laugh more than anything else this year. Big fan of Chomsky too. Can't be bad.


  1. I watched Frankie Boyle's thing as everyone was saying how offensive the jokes were, but I couldn't see any jokes in it and the offensive stuff was just a series of taboo subjects that have been mocked far better in the past.

    He's retiring after this, apparently. It was supposed to be a big "fuck you" but if that's the case it's a bit sad.

    If you want cutting edge laugh-out-loud humour, try Miranda on BBC2, Fagburn!!!

  2. Try Mr Boyle again, please.
    Hilarious - and there's a point to it all.

  3. ^ Okay. Admittedly, I only saw about 10 minutes. I'll try again...

  4. Watch the second one.
    Thank you.