Friday, 24 December 2010

Fagburn Awards 2: Sports Personalities Of The Year

1= Max Brick & Tom Daley.

Fagburn doesn't care about you, but he has always thought that the only sport that really matters is the Diving 10 Metres Platform Synchro.
Our boys won gold medals at it at something called the Commonwealth Games this year.
Well done, lads.
It was very much a joint effort - it had to be.
Though some papers ran profiles of the adorable (official!) Tom Daley afterwards that wrote Max Brick out of the story.
Even though the same newspaper had run "ironic" Pass Notes about Max Brick two weeks before about how every newspaper kept writing Max out of this story.
Tom Daley - Fagburn loved the moving backstory about you and your wonderfully supportive dad and his battle with cancer, and your own battle with school bullies.
Max Brick - we love you just as much and your own battle with a silly blinkered media-driven world where two become one.
Kudos to you, young sir.

3. Matthew Mitcham - Also a diver. Australian. Gay. Adorable.

4. That cute Portugese one who plays the footyball.


  1. Is Ronaldo gay!?

  2. No, he isn't gay, Anonylous.
    But Ronaldo has never seemed bothered by people thinking he is, and has always been very supportive of gay men - he made a great pro statement when Portugal introduced gay marriage this year...

  3. He's as bent as a nine-bob-note!
    I shall think of him and his cute bum as I retire to my bed.

    Looking forward to more Fagburn awards tomorrow!!!

    'night, all!