Thursday, 16 December 2010

George Michael & The X Factor: Oh No He Hasn't!

"SIMON COWELL has put his Faith in GEORGE MICHAEL - by making him a judge on American X Factor," The Sun says.
"The former Wham! star, 47, will join the talent show mogul and CHERYL COLE, 27, on the debut series in the States next year."
Oh, no he hasn't.
George might do it, cause it's a bit of fun and he loves the show and he is mates in a showbiz kinda way with Mrs Cowell, and playing panto dame to Cowell's pantomime villain would be a larf, and a bit of rehab and profile-raising with the US public would be handy.
But he almost certainly won't.
Never mind the recent drugs conviction screwing up his chances of getting a US visa.
Or that the unrepentant drug user, sodomite and convicted sex criminal probably wouldn't be accepted by the middle America-aimed TV show's sponsors and advertisers.
Put simply, George Michael could not be arsed.
He lacks ambition - a trait Fagburn greatly admires in anyone.
These days George enjoys sitting around stoned and doing nothing beyond taking life easy.
He's been signed up to two big projects in the last five years, a guest column for US fag rag Advocate and writing his autobiography.
I seem to recall George turning in one column for The Advocate before dropping it like a red hot roach.
And have you seen his racy new memoirs in the shops?
Trust me, and Fagburn probably knows him about as well as Simon Cowell does, George will be happy enough watching it all at home on his TV.

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