Friday, 24 December 2010

Glee Vs Ugly Betty: TV's Gay Teen Queens Bitch War!

Mark Indelicato, who played the adorable gay teen, Justin Suarez on Ugly Betty, spoke to about his reservations about Kurt, the adorable gay teen character in Glee;
“I just don’t understand why the gay character is portrayed as the weak link — or the person who can’t stand up for themselves... I think every gay character on TV —whether it be a boy or a girl, or even somebody questioning their sexuality — I would like to see them portrayed as stronger and more independent, not as squeamish.”
Mark does point out that Justin didn't actually come out until the penultimate episode of Ugly Betty's run.
Watch the interview here.


  1. I much preferred the Justin character to Kurt, I must say.
    I think he sort of has a point about Kurt, but then I guess you have to start thinking beyond the notion that all gay characters have to benefit gay people in real-life. Not all gay characters can be ideal.
    I sort of miss the days when we were all psychopaths in films, or neutered weirdos full of bile and bitterness. Those were the days!

    Mark Indelicato is great, though. I hope he does well beyond Betty...

  2. MI is only 16 - got a great career in front of him...