Saturday, 18 December 2010

London Pride: Beer Makes You Queer

Is it just me...
Fagburn went past a huge billboard with this advert on as he pulled out of Victoria Station earlier today.
What do you think?
Bearing in mind its star James May is part of the Top Gear team - featuring that serial homophobe and - surprise - ex-public school boy, Jeremy "Jeremy" Clarkson.
And bearing in mind it's an ad for beer - which they always try to sell to men with a subtext "It's not for poofs".
And bearing in mind what "That way inclined" and " Not that way inclined" mean, colloquially, to les guffawing male bourgeoisies of May's generation.
And bearing in mind they can't be too homophobic these days, because of the Advertising Standard Authority.
And bearing in mind the irony of (the gays!) Pride London having to be called Pride London because (the beer) London Pride got sold the website name first.
Or bearing in mind the fact the world is bobbins.
I'm not actually that bothered, all things considered - meh!
But I would have thought James May would have known better.

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  1. I saw the poster and thought the guy was in drag. Something about the shirt, the hair and the colour of the skin. He looks like a middle-aged housewife.