Thursday, 16 December 2010

Panto: Behind You! etc etc

"Christmas shows may be traditional, but there are, surely, some traditions that are best left to fading memory. One thinks, in particular, of the low-grade ethnic “comedy” (the naming of a Chinese village as “One Long Poo”) and the continuous strand of dodgy gags about Barrowman’s long-established homosexuality (including his own double-intended assertion, following a puff of magical smoke, that “a big poof appeared on stage”). By the time Barrowman (at 43, a somewhat long-in-the-tooth, if spritely Aladdin) exclaims, “Hey, ladies, here’s your chance to rub my lamp!”, one really does feel transported back to the days of the Carry On film..."

The Daily Telegraph reviews Aladdin at Glasgow's Clyde Auditorium
And when The Telegraph tells you you're behind the times...

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