Tuesday, 7 December 2010

World Cup 2022 Qatar: Missing An Open Goal

'Where are the footballers who are glad to be gay? Let’s put things right here before we criticise the Middle East' says Robert Crampton in The Times.
To which any rational person would answer; "Bollocks!"
Let's criticise both.
"Given the medieval attitude to homosexuality in large parts of the Middle East, several critics have also raised concerns about the treatment of gay players at the tournament."
No, most critics are angered because homosexuality is illegal in Qatar.
There's even a new cliche uttered in response; "Homosexuality was illegal when England hosted the World Cup in 1967."
Yes, but it's 2010 and it isn't now.
It's good to see journalists defending Qatar - they're very generous with their five star free trips to the sun-kissed gulf state, coincidentally.
But anyway, Robert, you were twisting things to fit your argument...
"Which to me invites the response: never mind potential Qatari attitudes in 12 years’ time, what about actual British attitudes right now?"
Which brings him back to his titular question; "There is not one openly gay footballer among the 92 clubs in the premier and football leagues, or in Scotland as far as I am aware. That’s right. Out of several thousand professional footballers, not one is openly gay, when statistically you might expect there to be quite a few."
So off he goes to tell once more the parable of Justin Fashanu, the only player to come out, whose career then died, and he later commited suicide.
"Last year the Professional Footballers’ Association scrapped plans for an anti-homophobia video."
Though Fagburn suspects this was because the FA realised it was shit.
"Fans — and occasionally other players — routinely direct virulent homophobic abuse at any player whose good looks, or interest in fashion, or art, or books, mark him out as different from the norm."
Yes, but again they don't send gay men to prison in the UK, and homosexuality is still against the law in Qatar.
"...although there may be plenty of reasons to criticise Fifa for awarding the World Cup to Qatar, that state’s possible aversion to gay footballers, 12 years from now, should not be top of the list."
It's not, dear.

• The homo-friendly looking chaps above are of course all players in this year's world Cup photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair.

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