Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Adoption: Do Heterosexuals Make Bad Parents?

"There is a certain irony that gay/lesbian couples are being adversely judged in this way. After all, children from care are placed for adoption in the majority of cases because they have been abused and neglected in their birth families, the overwhelming majority of which would have been heterosexual parents. We don’t then conclude that all heterosexual parents are bad parents."

Adoption UK chief executive, Jonathan Pearce, quoted in CYPNOW Daily Bulletin.

Pearce was talking after a poll commissioned by Barnado's found that "more than one third (32%) of the public do not think gay couples can parent as well as heterosexual couples."
64,000 children are currently in the UK care system.
3.75% (120 out of 3,200) of children adopted in England in 2010 were adopted by same sex couples.
A quarter of children with adoption plans never find a family.
The story made most papers - but the only place where Fagburn saw the "more than one third" figure reversed to show that a majority of people now think gay couples make just as good parents as straight couples was in a press release from Stonewall.

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