Tuesday, 8 February 2011

AfterElton: Ignorance Is Stength

Fagburn quite likes a lot of the stuff on AfterElton and AfterEllen, mainly the content that's reader generated.
Here's 'AfterElton.com's Top 50 Gay Male Musicians'by Davis Mallory.
"Our countdown of modern popular music's most influential and intriguing openly gay or bisexual male artists."
Even by the standards of the gay media this article is littered with errors.
Just take a look at the last page and check AfterElton's Top 4 Gay Male Musicians.
Village People have become "The Village People" - and gay gay gay construction worker Village Person David Hodo is pronounced straight.
Freddie Mercury is misspelt "Freddy Mercury".
Elton John is at number one.
"He was knighted in 1995 for his charitable work by Queen Elizabeth and wed his husband, David Furnish, in 2005..."
No, he wasn't.
I could go on...

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