Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Ann Widdecombe: Oh Do Shut Up!

'Ministers Cave In To Political Correctness'
"...Homosexual rights already trump those of religious conscience and now apparently prevail even over truthful academic analysis.
"This intolerant minority of homosexuals must be squashed and the people to administer that much-needed lesson – in the absence of a Government with any moral backbone – is the sensible majority who are embarrassed by the antics of their fellow homosexuals."

Ann Widdecombe, former Conservative politician, in her column in The Daily Express today.

"I start with history for three reasons. The first is that while some argue that gay rights has been an onrushing tide, brooking little opposition, insisting that “we” bow to political correctness dictated by “them”, the truth is that progress has been very slow; that decades have passed between the recognition of injustice and its correction.
The second is that the history of the suffering of gay people — of jailing, of police intimidation, of discrimination, of street violence against them — and the story of the long and difficult struggle for gay rights illustrates that this is for us in this country the great civil rights cause of our lifetime.
And finally, I start with history because I fear that it shows that the role of Conservatives in advancing this civil rights cause has not been glorious..."

Daniel Finkelstein, former Conservative politician, in his column in The Times today.


  1. "...Homosexual rights already trump those of religious conscience..."

    Of course they do, you stupid old crone. Some people's "religious conscience" tells them I should be stoned to death or that I am evil and will rot in hell for eterntiy.
    Silly old bat.

  2. Ann Widdecome there, thinking religious rights trump basic human rights as always and pissing on everything i hold dear....oh well at least i'm not ugly.