Thursday, 10 February 2011

Books: Selling Out

"I have absolutely no doubt that a lot of gay writers now find it impossible to get published. A handful of established authors are very successful, and that gives the illusion that gay writers have cracked the mainstream, but it's entirely untrue. Big publishers are only interested in books that will sell by the sackload, and for a lot of new talents that's not the case. Fiction is a high-risk activity for any publisher, and gay content is seen as increasing that risk.”

Peter Burton, "the godfather of gay publishing", interviewed by Frontiers about the decline of gay publishing houses.

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  1. It's the same with gay cinema too, I think.
    There's this illusion now with the odd gay-friendly piece from Hollywood that things are much freer in the film industry but it's not as far as I can see. There was more interesting (if a little pretentious on the whole) gay cinema being made in the 90s and before. And most of those were made on the 'outside', as it were...