Saturday, 5 February 2011

David Cameron: Butching Up Liberalism

"Frankly, we need a lot less of the passive tolerance of recent years and a much more active, muscular liberalism. A passively tolerant society says to its citizens, as long as you obey the law we will just leave you alone. It stands neutral between different values. But I believe a genuinely liberal country does much more; it believes in certain values and actively promotes them. Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, democracy, the rule of law, equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality. It says to its citizens, this is what defines us as a society: to belong here is to believe in these things..."

David Cameron gave his speech at the Munich Security Conference today.
Wooh! - he said "or sexuality".
His tilting at "state multiculturalism" is a well-rehearsed riff of the Right.
Fagburn wonders if this "Muscular Liberalism" is meant to be analagous with Muscular Christianity - a new Victorian value?
Who knew what liberalism needed was a little butching up?
Much of Cameron's Munich speech would have gone down well if Cameron was addressing the English Defence League rally in Luton today.
It's been lauded on the BNP's website; 'Cameron’s ‘War on Multiculturalism’ Speech – Another Milestone in the ‘Griffinisation’ of British Politics'
Nick Griffin called it; "A further huge leap for our ideas into the political mainstream.”
Indeed, Cameron's "assimilate or else" message echoes the ideology of Europe's new far right anti-immigration parties, such as dead gay cunt Pim Fortuyn's List in the Netherlands.
Islamism has replaced homosexuality as the chief cultural bogeyman of the Conservative Party; further, respecting gay rights appears to be a new Cricket Test.
Not in my name, "Dave".

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