Thursday, 24 February 2011

Exciting Newsflash! Hunx And His Punx

You can pre-order Hunx And His Punx debut studio album, Too Young To Be In Love, here - if you're in the UK together with post and packaging it works out at less than a tenner.*
A bona bargain if you haven't got plenty handbag, I'm sure you'll agree.
That link also has an MP3 of the title track - on this basis alone Fagburn is convinced this will be the greatest album of 2011, if not all-time.
Hunx & His Punx were New [sic] Band Of The Day on Guardian Music last Friday.
Unbelievably Fagburn thinks this was Hunx first real coverage in the UK press proper.
It was quite an enthusiastic piece in a "Girl Group Garage band gay Ramones as directed by John Waters blah blah blah" kinda way.
It is a pretty handy shorthand description, admittedly, and hopefully the new album will see Hunx And His Punx getting the coverage they deserve and Fagburn will get sick to his skinny bones of reading variations on it.

* Unfortunately you can only pay by PayPal - who've just frozen the account for Courage To Resist who are raising money for the Bradley Manning Defense Fund...
Update: After much protest, Paypal reversed their decision hours later.

• This is not advertorial. Hell no!
Although if Hunx would like to thank Fagburn for this great kindness with sexual favours involving his "top 10 penis", then so be it.

Update: Hunx And His Punx are interviewed in the new GT - and they get a shout on the front cover. Great stuff!!


  1. Can't wait for this.
    Won't be using smelly paypal though.

  2. Just added an update - Paypal backed down after protest!
    So they're a bit less cunty, I guess...

  3. I'm sure you've seen this - if not, v good

  4. Hadn't seen that - adorable!