Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gay Pirates: The Song That Wouldn't Die

Cosmo Jarvis has just been on Loose Ends singing Gay Pirates.
This song seems to have been "bubbling under" forever - the "sleeper hit" that just won't die.
I wish it would.
A lot of people - most famously Stephen Fry who tweeted the video to his army of fellow twits - have been getting very excited about it.
But why?
The song is pefectly dreary - it's not 1979 anymore, where the mere fact that someone has written and recorded a "gay song" is newsworthy and worth celebrating in itself.
Are we meant to be thrilled because someone is singing about - gosh! - gay pirates?
In interviews Mr Jarvis appears to think "Gay pirate" is interesting because it's an oxymoron.
But it's not, you idiot - it's a tautology.


  1. Teh song is shite!

  2. Got the time on yer cock?

  3. Three sad comments above. It's a great song. I heard it on Loose Ends months ago and can't let it go, so much so that I am learning to sing it with my dads 1929 Ukulele. I'm a 63 year old grandfather, not sure if I am gay or not(maybe I haven't met Mr Right yet!) and I don't care. This song makes tears come to my eyes every time I hear it for all the injustice in the world