Sunday, 27 February 2011

Heterophobia: Some People Are Straight - Get Over It!

There's a brilliantly nuts piece in today's Sunday Times by columnist Brenda Power; 'Heterophobic Bullying Is As Bad As Gay Bashing - It is now obviously not a civil liberty to express an opinion that is widely shared, genuinely held, entirely legal and constitutionally enshrined'
Here's the story in a nuts-shell; "Last week Lucinda Creighton, Fine Gael’s spokewoman on equality, was asked on Twitter for her views on gay marriage. She replied that while she was in favour of civil partnership, she did not support gay marriage, believing the primary purpose of traditional marriage is to 'propagate and create an environment for children to grow up'."
Brenda Power says she was "taken aback by the malice and gibbering, incoherent poison on her Facebook page that passed for a response to her comments.
“You are f****** bitch. You should be shame of ur self c*** c***! All the gays hate you already!!!!!!” was one of the more temperate offerings. A male contributor made a sexually suggestive remark about Lucinda Cretin, as these wits renamed her. “Please go and die.” “You lost the gay vote and I hope it bites you in the arse, you should be sacked for gross misconduct.” “You are a homophobic idiot, a disgrace of a woman.”
Stop laughing at the back - this has made Brenda mighty angry.
She wonders aloud if this is because Creighton is a woman - cause all The Gays hate women, right - then Brenda Power has an amazing brain fart; "Perhaps it is just her heterosexuality that gets some people so fired up, and here’s something a council for civil liberties might address. If it is possible to be homophobic — having an irrational and pathological hatred of gays — why does the spellcheck on my painfully liberal laptop insist there’s no such thing as heterophobia when, I’d suggest, at least some of this spite is a prime example of the condition?"
Got that? We, The Gays, hate straight people.
And the ire aimed at Lucinda Cretin Creighton had nothing to do with the fact that a spokeswoman for equality said that she doesn't support equality.
You stupid straight bitch.


  1. God can you imagine if heterophobia became a common word used by the likes of melanie phillips? They could argue any anti-gay rhetoric away if that came into circulation. Those comments on facebook were needlessly aggressive though, calm down boys.