Friday, 18 February 2011

Justin Bieber: Do What Thou Wilt

Some know-nothing jerks are leaping up and down and waving their knickers in the air because Justin Bieber has said something cute but clumsy when he was asked what he thought about The Gays in his first big interview with Rolling Stone.
“It’s everyone’s own decision to do that. It doesn’t affect me and shouldn’t affect anyone else.”
The kid is 16 and was brought-up by a slightly loopy born-again Christian mum.
That's a pretty good call considering - Justin is just saying; "They should do what they want - it's fine by me".
Fagburn thinks anyone who picks holes in that answer is just a stuck-up asshole.
Leave Justin alone!

• You may have guessed there's fuck all else happening today. Fagburn is thinking about going to see Justin's movie, Never Say Never in 3FUCKINGD! , but I'm worried I'll look like some kind of pervert.


  1. What do you think about what he said about abortion?

  2. What he said about abortion was pretty sick, but he's hot so I'm going to pretend he never said it.

  3. The other day someone told me he'd heard Justin Bieber was a freemason and puppet of the Illuminati.
    He then walked over to a rubbish bin and started barking like a dog. :(

  4. You slag off Lady Gaga for being 'condescending' but defend this boy?

  5. But Lady Gaga is a 25 year old self-appointed "gay icon" who's just written a song which has long been hyped as the ultimate gay anthem.
    Of course she should be given more rigorous scrutiny.
    Justin Bieber is 16 years old and is speaking for no one but himself. God knows why Rolling Stone were asking him questions about abortion, rape and sexuality. His comment about being gay seems both very positive and slightly negative but I think it's unfair to attack him for that. The comment on abortion is another matter, but he's 16 and he's been raised by an evangelical (afaik) so give him time (and better handlers).

  6. Am I alone in thinking Justin's getting hotter by the day?

  7. I want to know what conditioner he uses.

  8. It's understand it's a brand called Spunk De Usher.