Friday, 11 February 2011

Know Your Enemy 2: Matthew Parris

"But, as with any totem, as [Margaret Thatcher's] reputation has spread, so it has simplified, becoming more two-dimensional and losing shading, doubt and ambiguity. More and more people know, as it were, less and less about her. There’s the hair and the handbag — and what else?
"Key words are “iron”, “lady”, “miners”, “Falklands” and “love her or loathe her, you knew where she stood”. On her personal qualities those who admire and those who detract are surprisingly agreed. Defined by battle — heroine, dominatrix or monster — she’s seen as someone with guts, stamina and direction.
"And style. Wherever two or three gay men are gathered together, somebody can do a Thatcher impression: a weird amalgam of Good Fairy and pantomime dame, of command and camp."

Matthew Parris in The Times.
Fagburn thanks fuck he moves in very different circles to Parris.


  1. I've never known anyone who liked Thatcher let alone did impressions of her.
    He's fucking bonkers, isn't he?
    I really like him, actually; but I find the fact he's a tory and his love of Thatcher really frustrating. I just don't understand it.

  2. It's odd, I kind of think Parris seems a nice person, too.
    But then he comes up with all this right-wing Tory crap.
    Like he's got Tourette's.

  3. I'm glad of the broadly anti-Parris stance, actually. Reassures me I'm reading a blog wriiten by someone who isn't genuinely fucking mental. x