Sunday, 13 February 2011

Know Your Enemy 3: Ann Coulter

"I was GOProud's
first speaker.* I talked them into dropping the gay marriange plank. But it's extremely important - the liberals keep destroying us in groups, destroying the family. They have destroyed the black family. Now it's the gays. It has nothing to do with them [the liberals] liking gays - they like to pal around with their muslim friends - it's all about a cat's paw to destroy the family. Because if you destroy the family, then you have loyalty directly to the state!
"I am as born again, evangelical christian as it comes. And I'm a friend of the gays! Why do people act like they are without sin, like they don't participate in pre-marital sex or don't tithe to churches, but then they attack the gays. But they also don't then go and attend CPAC with a group called 'republicans against tithing' or 'republicans for pre-marital sex'. For now, I'd just like gays to be part of conservatives, just like blacks and women are, without having a special designation.
"There is plenty to being gay that is apart from the sodomy. Gays without the sodomy... There is a lot for us to get along about, music, books, sometimes we like the same men... haha. I can't tell you that I'm without sin, none of us are. The left is trying to co-opt gays and we shouldn't let them. Gays are natural conservatives."

Ann Coulter, US conservative contraversialist polemicist and poster girl of right-wing "free-thinking" fruitloops.
Coulter was speaking during a Q&A at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.
I know it's wrong to, but Fagburn has always quite liked the rumour than Ann Coulter is trans.

* GoProud is a group of American gay conservatives. They split from Log Cabin Republicans who they thought had become "too centrist". Be afraid...

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