Friday, 11 February 2011

Lady Gaga: Still Born

Lady Gaga finally released audio of her embarrassing and patronising barely literate "gay anthem" Born This Way today.
At the time of typing the number of articles saying it sounds like Madonna's Express Yourself - 746.
So who are you calling unoriginal?

Update: Jon Savage writes about 'Lady Gaga's New Gay Anthem' in The Guardian on February 14th; "The point always has to be restated. While gay teens face extraordinary levels of bullying, records such as Born This Way will remain as necessary as they are generous in spirit."
Hear hear.


  1. Oh God, that's awful isn't it?
    The music's so bland and generic and the lyrics are obviously terrible.
    It doesn't bode well for the album.
    Luckily, I think she's built up such a massive and loyal fanbase that she'd probably have to release two or three consistently hideous albums before it'll start to matter.

  2. Just one more consistently hideous album to go, then... :(

  3. One song does not an album make guys!


  4. And for the record...

    The Jon Savage article mentioned in the update is puffed up on The Guardian's front page; 'Does Lady Gaga's latest have what it takes to become a gay anthem?'
    Nice to see it bigged up there, but this isn't really what Jon Savage writes about...

  5. He neglects to mention the fact that it's shit.