Thursday, 10 February 2011

Michael Buerk: Buerk By Name...

"If you've been hired because you are young and pretty, because you are mincingly camp, because you've ticked a particular ethnic box and then you are no younger young and pretty or the fashions have moved on and you suddenly don't have a job - get over it. It's showbusiness.
"The problem is that at the other extreme of the argument [of "political correctness"], the idea of putting people on television - which is a non-job which is terribly well paid, where you don't have to think too much, or work too hard - and giving people these jobs purely on the grounds that we need another six Asians, or we need another six lesbians, or we need another six pensioners, is to my mind almost worse."

Michael Buerk - pictured above with the "mincingly camp" Louie Spence - interviewed on ITV Tonight tonight, quoted in - but of course - The Daily Mail - 'Presenters should not be recruited to fill lesbian or pensioner quotas': BBC's Michael Buerk hits out at television's political correctness'
Buerk's a hero at the Mail for attacking their hated BBC.
See also; 'Left-wing bias? It's written through the BBC's very DNA, says Peter Sissons'
Erm, by the way... can anyone name six lesbian presenters on the BBC?


  1. Clare Balding
    Jane Hill
    Sandi Toksvig

    er that's it.....

    Bloody good they are too.....

  2. Looks like the BBC aren't fulfilling their quota then.
    Who's going to break it to the Buerk?

  3. He's such a jerk.

  4. Let's face it along with Sisson's he has become the go to ex BBC guy to hammer the Beeb...

    Another bitter n twisted hasbeen

  5. At least he's not "mincingly camp".

  6. He was a useless newsreader anyway.
    No gravitas.
    Or intelligence.
    And he's a munter.
    Useless, unintelligent, gravitas-lacking, munter berk.