Sunday, 13 February 2011

News Of The World: Prince Harry Comes Out...

There's clearly fuck all happening in News Of The World's world today - they've gone big with a non-story about Prince Harry being seen coming out of a gay bar in Soho, The Box Bar.*
The copy is but-of-course full of schoolboy innuendo;
"BOY oh boy - party animal Prince Harry is up to his old tricks again... but this time at a GAY BAR.
"The royal man-about-town staggered out of the Soho nightspot at 3.30am yesterday - with his shirt lifting out of his jeans.
"Then, with muscly armed policemen in tow, he strolled past sex shops in London's red light district before being driven home.
"Harry, 26, usually leaves nightclubs by the back door to avoid being photographed. But early yesterday morning he proudly came out... of the main entrance of Box Bar..."
They've also added captions to a photo that are worthy of Jeremy Clarkson.
And the headline? 'Mince Harry'.
Grow up, boys!

*Update: In fact, Prince Harry was not seen coming out of The Box Bar, the GAY BAR on Monmouth Street, Soho but was seen coming out of The Box on Walker's Court, Soho - which is not a gay bar.
Apart from that - great story NOTW!


  1. Is it wrong to think Harry is a bit of a dish?

  2. I thought as much.

  3. A. He's a member of the despised British royal family.

    B. He's ginge. :(

  4. Anonymous said...

    Despised by some, but not by others.
    Your opinion is your opinion and it is but one opinion out of millions.

    So suggest that the world, or the UK despise him is not a factual statement.

    What you should have said was "I despise the Royal Family".