Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pink Polly Filler - ¡Ya Basta!

Two stories in the British broadsheets caught Fagburn's jaundiced eye today.

'Mexican brewery unveils first gay beer' - The Daily Telegraph
"A small Mexican brewery has produced what it claims is the world's first beer specifically targeted at the homosexual community..."

'Latin America's first gay cruise set for December' - The Independent
"Latin America's first official gay cruise will leave the port of Buenos Aires for two cities in Uruguay, one of the organizers said Tuesday..."

Fagburn wonders what on Jupiter was going through the news editors' heads when they decide to run with these non-stories?
A gay beer?
A gay cruise!
On another continent.
In what possible way are either of these news-worthy, or of interest to any of the readers of The Daily Telegraph or The Independent?
Even the ones who are gay and live in Latin America and have whatever the Spanish is for "mug" written across their foreheads?
Is there anyone in the entire world who gives a flying fuck about either of these "stories"?
I'm serious - try and find me one.
What were they thinking?
The mind positively boggles!

Update: On Thursday 24th The Independent ran the Mexican gay beer non-story, too. I despair!

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