Saturday, 5 February 2011

Rage: The 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Riots

"On Feb 5, 1981, 30 years ago, more than 150 Toronto police descended on that city’s gay bathhouses, arresting more than 300 innocent men. It was part of a deliberate and organized campaign by government and police to push gay baths and bars out of business, to silence the gay press and to remove gay voices from public discourse.
"Gay people had, of course, previously fought police harassment, but the events in Toronto in the first half of 1981 were watershed for the liberation movement in Canada. The activist chops refined then equipped gay people across the country to fight censorship, win partnership and employment rights, demand reasonable treatment from government, face HIV/AIDS, fight homophobic violence and win marriage rights..."

Xtra! magazine assembles a fascinating archive of articles, photos, audio and video clips to mark the 30th anniversary of the Toronto Bathhouse Riots - Canada's Stonewall


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