Friday, 4 February 2011

Ricky Martin: Father Figure

On Monday Ricky Martin releases his first album since he came out, Music + Alma + Sexo.*
Nope, can't say I'm that bothered either.
Pop - like Cilla Black's life - is full of surprises, but coming out was almost certainly the last thing Mr Martin does that anyone will take much notice of.
The career's as good as over, has been for a decade - which may have played a big part in Ricky Martin deciding that the time was now right to come out.
Rosie Swash writes about his comeback on Guardian Music Online (Edit: It also appeared in Saturday's print edition).
Swash says "those hoping that Martin's new album will offer a deep reflection of gay life may be disappointed."
But was anyone seriously expecting this from Ricky?
He's not been too big on deep reflection in the past.
"This is an interesting time for homosexuality in pop music," Swash declares - citing the barely literate "I love the gays, me!" lyrics of Born This Way by Lady Gaga by way of example.
There are some - actually quite insightful - quotes from Paul Gambaccini in the piece.
"His decision to come out was not just made possible by his decision to become a father," he argues, "but it was made necessary by it, as it immediately restarted the conversation about his sexuality..."
Paul Gambaccini senses that fatherhood is being used to negate Ricky Martin's sexuality.
"He has positioned himself as a doting father and that in itself is a focus changer, because he's not saying 'I'm in love and live with a male partner, with whom I have two children' – he's saying 'I have two children who I love and am crazy about' ".
Gambo also posits an interesting paradox of the celebrity closet;
"I know many gay musicians who say they still don't want to come out. More than anything, they don't want their fans to feel they've been lied to."

* Edit: It's not actually getting a UK release (see comments). Which says a lot...


  1. Hey, I really like Ricky Martin's new album!
    Sadly, I don't think it's being released in the UK. :(

  2. Oh bums! You're right.
    Only available on Amazon UK on import - for £23!!!
    Says a lot.
    Thanks for pointing that out - will amend the post.


  3. Think it's interesting that his kids are used to heterosexualise him.