Sunday, 6 February 2011

Rod Liddle: "Gay Fascists Run The World"

"I don’t agree, viscerally, with private education and I’m not sure I like what it produces — ie, loquacious, over-confident, sexually bewildered sociopaths. But then loquacious, over-confident, sexually bewildered sociopaths run the world, and we all want the best for our children. And when you look at what the state has to offer — at the manifest incompetence of the state educational establishment and the 90% mince-thick teachers, with their low expectations and even lower IQs and their fabulously bereft, ingrained, metropolitan liberal ideologies which cannot ever be challenged or gainsaid — well, hell, the battle is sort of lost.
"I mean, given the choice between siring a gay fascist who can read and add up and a well-adjusted illiterate imbecile, I am beginning to agree that the former is the more desirable option. Hell, please, tell me I’m wrong — I’m really hanging on here."

You are wrong.
That bizarre horse, Rod Liddle: 'My kids’ choice — be a gay Nazi or thick and right-on', The Sunday Times.
I agree that public schools turn children into dreadful people - and sending your kids to one should be seen as child abuse - but gay?

On a different tack, Johann Hari wrote an interesting piece on gay men and the far right for Salon in 1998; The Strange, Strange Story Of The Gay Fascists.


  1. Right wing gay men run the fucking show - cuntz.

  2. That picture is HOT!

  3. I remember reading this article years ago and really welcoming it. I used to knockabout with skinheads in the east-end and also at the LA etc in the 80's. Does anyone remember a gay free-sheet called 'Action' - we used to call it Achtung!

  4. Fagburn got thrown out of Winter Pride once for storming the stage cause they had on a drag queen who contributed To Achtung...

  5. Rod Liddle sends his child to a private school so ...?