Sunday, 6 February 2011

Spencer Livermore: Slight Return

'Ed Miliband finds new role for special adviser known as 'most powerful gay man in Britain' until he quit as Gordon Brown aide' - The Mail On Sunday.
"Spencer Livermore, Mr Brown’s Director of Political Strategy, visited Mr Miliband’s Commons office last week for talks on a new role.
"Mr Livermore resigned from No 10 following Mr Brown’s disastrous decision to call off a snap Election in the autumn of 2007.
"The aide was said to have been reduced to tears by the notoriously hot-tempered Prime Minister" - just like a girl...
There is almost certainly more to Spencer Livermore's resignation that what's said here, perhaps one day he'll tell us.
Livermore was a key member of Gordon Brown's inner circle, but calling him "the most powerful gay man in Britain" may have been overstating his case somewhat, so what's the Mail's source?
Pink News - don't laugh.