Monday, 28 February 2011

The Sports: A Cricketer Is A Gay!

Newsflash: Someone who plays the cricket is gay!
Here's Steven Davies's "coming out" interview - on video on The Daily Telegraph online.
Even an old cynic and sportsphobe like Fagburn who has absolutely no idea who he is has to go "Aww..."

Update: All very positive coverage. As the Telegraph broke the story, they really went to town on it. Most over-used word "brave".
Update: Though the Telegraph are guilty of some appalling class prejudice; "That the England set-up was so supportive and understanding was of little surprise. This current squad is as decent and well-rounded a group of professional sportsmen as you are likely to find...
"It is elsewhere in the game that problems might lie. If there are bigots and homophobes out there, they are hardly likely to announce themselves now. They will bide their time.
"I worry in particular about Twenty20 crowds. They are not exactly your typical cricket gatherings. More like football in fact, a sport in which homophobia is hardly unknown..." Steve James: 'Cricket respects Steven Davies's brave announcement he is gay but Twenty20 crowds could be tricky', Telegraph online.
This is a subtext to much of the coverage of Davies' coming out; nice middle-class cricket folk, aren't like nasty rough football hoi polloi...
See for example The Guardian's take on it; 'Football Urged To Get Onside As Ashes Star Comes Out'


  1. You could have used a better photo. He's handsome.

  2. I just googled him and that's probably one of the better pictures of him.
    He is handsome.

  3. He's cute - I wonder which sportsman will be next.

  4. Just realised I'd spelt his name wrong in the above post.
    Now corrected...