Friday, 4 February 2011

Stephen Green: The Wifebeater Strikes Back

"A catalogue of smears and distortions stitched together by a tabloid journalist who specialises in TV, showbiz, gossip and celebrity features, and which was based solely on comments attributed to my former wife."

Christian Voice's Stephen Green finally comments on allegations made in The Daily Mail by his ex-wife that he beat and raped her, and abused their children.
In The Guardian Online, The Lay Scientist, Martin Robbins, wonders if the Mail's indignation about these allegations is a little hypocritical.
Weren't Stephen Green's declared beliefs enough to have made him a media pariah?
"So the simple question is this: given their moral outrage over how Stephen Green is alleged to have behaved in his private life, how do the Daily Mail justify giving a voice to an opponent of the criminalisation of marital rape, and a defender of death penalties for some homosexual acts, for so damned long?"
Oh, and how do BBC TV News justify giving the unchristian Green a voice too, of course - which is far worse...

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