Monday, 21 February 2011

The Sun: "I Was Raoul Moat's Secret Gay Lover"

"CRAZED Raoul Moat was cheating on his girlfriend with a MAN before he shot her and murdered her new lover, The Sun can reveal.
The cop-hating gun maniac - who also blinded PC David Rathband - was terrified his reputation as a hardman would be wrecked if fellow bouncers ever rumbled the fling.
"His secret boyfriend Carl Redford, 34, last night finally broke his silence about their FOUR-YEAR affair, saying: "Raoul had a certain image - and being gay didn't fit with that. He found me attractive and I was flattered. We satisfied each other."

You couldn't make it up.
Fagburn would like to ask Raoul to verify this story in the ever reliable Sun, but unfortunately he is dead - legend!!! etc