Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Sun: Lesbian Sex - We Love It!

It’s Wii Too Rude
"A RAUNCHY game for the Nintendo Wii has outraged parents who say it promotes orgies and lesbian sex to kids as young as 12.
The video trailer promoting We Dare features two couples following on-screen instructions from the console.
"The girls are seen with the Wii remote dangling suggestively between their lips. Players then hide the "Wiimote" inside their clothes before the others spank their bottoms to control a flying cartoon character on screen...
"But parents say the 12+ certificate is a disgrace. Laura Pearson, 52, from Birmingham, said: "I have a 13-year-old daughter. If I knew she was playing a highly-charged sexual game I would be appalled.""

The Sun

Berlusconi ‘Watched Lesbian Sex Show', Says Belly Dancer
"THE teenage belly dancer at the centre of the Silvio Berlusconi sex scandal has told how naked models performed a lesbian routine for the thrilled Italian PM.
"Eighteen-year-old Ruby "Heartstealer" Rubacuori, speaking exclusively to The Sun, said she was sitting inches away from the 74-year-old as they cavorted in front of him..."

Also The Sun today.

Fagburn say "Phwoar!"
But I somehow doubt the copy would be quite so excited if either of these stories was about some hot boy-on-boy action.
Yup, there's fuck-all news today (Apart from that Libyan thing, obviously).

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