Monday, 7 February 2011

The Super Bowl 2: Spot The Difference

Seeing as it's the Super Bowl tonight - and as I so pumped about this important sporting contest - Fagburn thought he'd drop this one in., January 24th 2011: 'Going Gay for Super Bowl A bag of Doritos brings two nearly naked men in a sauna closer together in one of two gay-themed ads the company may air during the Super Bowl".
"In a second ad a man gazes across the fence at his two gay neighbors, who are sunning themselves and eating Doritos by the pool."
No, not really., January 25th 2011: 'Update: Gay Doritos Ads Won't Air'
"The pair of gay-themed Doritos ads that made the rounds on the web Monday won’t air during the Super Bowl, according to a spokesman for Frito Lay.
"Frito-Lay director of public relations Chris Kuechenmeister told the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation the ads were two out of 5,600 that were submitted to the company for its 'Crash the Super Bowl' contest."


  1. The guy with the black hair on the right is hawt!

  2. It's comments like that that make doing this worthwhile...