Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Thought For The Day: Richard Littlejohn

"As an early and consistent champion of civil partnerships, I can’t get too excited about the announcement that gay and lesbian couples will soon be able to get hitched in church.
"I would, however, have thought that it was a matter for the church, not the Government.
"Meanwhile, in a reaction to the story about the boarding house which turned away a gay couple, a hotelier in Hampshire has put up a sign reading: ‘Poofters welcome here!
"This was sufficient to stir parish councillors into a fit of righteous indignation, claiming that the sign was offensive.
"To whom, I wonder? [Poofters - Fagburn]
"When I lived in trendy Crouch End, North London (before my name came up on the escape committee), there was a gay bar opposite my local which used to advertise ‘Bona Bevvies’ — in deference to Julian and Sandy from Round The Horne.
"It always raised a smile. No one took offence.
"But Mike Sacqui, of the Penny Farthing, in Lyndhurst, also received a visit from the police over his harmless notice.
"Sometimes words fail even me. There’s no limit, is there?
"Now that civil partnerships are being sanctioned in places of worship, how long before some church puts up a poster advertising: ‘Poofters welcome here!’"

Richard Littlejohn, in The Daily Mail.
You couldn't make it up etc etc.
If only words would fail you, Richard...

• The Lyndhurst hotelier claimed his "Poofters welcome here!" sign was an ironic, Little Britain-inspired, pro-gay comment on the Christian hoteliers who were fined for refusing a double room to a gay couple.
And, yes, that's the actual illustration to Richard Littlejohn's column in today's Mail.

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