Friday, 18 March 2011

Anton Hysen: The Condensed Sun Interview

Gay Ace Hysen Is A Model Pro

...son of former Liverpool star Glenn Hysen... Swedish... enormous courage...
second professional footballer... Justin Fashanu... Steve Davies... Gareth Thomas...
wait continues for a Premier League player... sporting taboo...
plays for Utsiktens... fourth-tier team managed by his dad.... reaction extremely supportive...
'happy I did it... Don't drop the soap... has to be at least one gay footballer in England... sad...'
Ironically his father - who was also a gay icon in his playing days - was accused of being homophobic after hitting a man who groped him in an airport toilet in 2001.
'never had a boyfriend... have to like sports... quite a few proposals...'
It has certainly been a tough time for the family as Hysen's mother Helena, is divorcing her husband, who is seeing another woman.

Update: Nice interview with Anton on Today. His father's advice; "Just swallow it."


  1. So brave of The Sun.

  2. What a nice change it is to see someone who could pass as 'normal' but is gay. There are far more of us out there than the world will ever know but when someone like this smart guy comes along it should give hope to all ages to feel comfortable about who they are, well done Anton, feel VERY proud and long may you continue to do so.

  3. Hooray for the normals!