Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Daily Mail: Drag Not Drag

The Daily Mail is ever so taken with this exciting story today;
'Woman, 21, Spends £5,000 On Plastic Surgery... so people will think she's a DRAG QUEEN'
"A young woman has paid thousands of pounds for plastic surgery - to make her look more like a drag queen.
"Collagen Westwood, 21, from north London said she is thrilled if she is mistaken for a man dressing as a woman on a night out.
"The aspiring singer is so desperate to achieve her look she's splashed out £5,000 on surgery to plump up her lips and straighten her nose. She even plans to have some ribs removed so she can fit into smaller corsets.
"Collagen, who counts Lily Savage and 80s group Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns among her idols has also bought elaborate wigs and revealing low-cut dresses.
"The young woman said: 'I've admired drag queens since I was a little girl. They're glamorous and beautiful - what woman wouldn't want to look like that?'"
How very post modern.
My this is a slow news week...

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