Monday, 28 March 2011

Daily Mirror: Dear Coleen

Dear Coleen,

My boss is gay, which I have no problem with at all, but he keeps flirting with me and we are due to go away for a three-day conference soon and stay overnight in a hotel.
I'm getting stressed that hes going to use it as an opportunity to come on to me.
Another complication is my annual review is due, which affects the amount of bonus I get.
I dont know whether Im making too big a deal of this, but he is making me feel uncomfortable and Im not enjoying my job anymore.
How do you think I should handle it?

No idea. Anyone?


  1. Seperate rooms....sorted. :)

  2. Fuck him, get a pay rise dude.

  3. I'd put out.
    Does that make me a slut?

  4. If you want a raise, get on your knees, girl - it's not rocket science.

  5. If my boss was a woman coming on to me I'd feel yucky sleeping with her just to get a raise.
    I'd go on the weekend thingy but if s/he got a bit too full-on, I'd fuck the job off and go somewhere else.