Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor: 1932-2011

Any friend of Tito's was a friend of mine...

• Usually if you read the words "gay icon" all it means is that the person who wrote them is an idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about. Because of Liz's friendship and support of queens from Monty Clift to Michael Jackson, and her genuinely pioneering work to remove the stigma of HIV/Aids, this was a rare instance when it was actually appropriate: Elizabeth Taylor: A New Gay Icon - Paul Flynn, The Guardian; Statement from THT; John Waters remembers Taylor in The Baltimore Sun; Helen Rumbelow in The Times announced 'Elizabeth Taylor Was a 'Patron Saint' For Gays'.
What are "gays", please?


  1. She was friends with all the Jacksons, then?

  2. Liz and Lisa-Marie were just about the only people (who weren't on his payroll) who stood by Michael during the Jordan Chandler debacle....

  3. When Montgomery Clift had that horrific car accident, she climbed into the wreckage and held his head in her lap while they waited for the ambulance, which took about half-an-hour to arrive - all the while he was gushing blood everywhere and his head was swelling more and more.
    A team of paparazzi arrived way before the ambulance did and it was only due to Taylor screaming at them that if any of them took a photo of him she wouldn't let any of them near her ever again that there are no photos of the him in that state.
    She was the one who accompanied him in the ambulance to the hospital and said by the time they got there his head was as wide as his shoulders (which may or not be an exaggerration).

    RIP. :_(