Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Farley Granger: 1925-2011

There's a great obituary of Farley Granger in The Guardian today.
"Early on in his career, the actor Farley Granger, who has died aged 85, worked with several of the world's greatest directors, including Alfred Hitchcock on Rope (1948) and Strangers On a Train (1951), Nicholas Ray on They Live By Night (1949) and Luchino Visconti on Senso (1953). Yet Granger failed to sustain the momentum of those years, meandering into television, some stage work and often indifferent European and American movies.
"The reasons were complicated, owing much to his sexuality and an unwillingness to conform to Hollywood pressures, notably from his contract studio, MGM, and the mogul Samuel Goldwyn. Granger refused to play the publicity or marrying game common among other gay stars and turned down roles he considered unsuitable, earning a reputation – in his own words – for being "a naughty boy"..."
Also Farley Granger - A Life In Clips.


  1. I really liked him. He was great in They Live By Night.
    Wonderful film.

  2. Love him, thanks FB!

  3. Did any obits say "he never married"?

  4. Just came across this great photo of Granger, Roddy McDowall and Jane Powell.

  5. He was a very talented actor and a class act!