Wednesday, 23 March 2011

GT: Striking A Blow Against Celebrity Culture

"Our society’s increasing obsession with celebrity has been incessantly discussed, surveyed and analysed. Everyone has their own pet theories. One of mine is that, in a world where more of us are living in tightly packed cities with relative strangers, gossiping about the famous helps replace old-fashioned over-the-garden-fence conversations about our neighbours.
"Journalists like me are often accused of fuelling the hype. It’s hard to plead “not guilty” to that. But others would argue that giving the public what they want – even if it’s a guilty pleasure – is our job, not to mention being a good way of keeping up circulations.
"I also believe celebrity serves some deeper purposes for us..."

The ever vacuous GT's Editor Letter .
The magazine fights back against our modern obsession with famous people by giving over this month's "Special Foldout Cover" (!) to some nobodies from some docusoap on Sky Living that four people will watch.
I hope Sky paid them for this "special foldout" shitstorm...


  1. Fucking hell, that's tragic.

    "Journalists like me..."

    Ha ha!!!

  2. It's easy to laugh - I, for one, look forward to reading all about it...