Sunday, 27 March 2011

Nathan Barley: "The Idiots Are Winning"

Apropos of nothing Nathan Barley is now available on 4OD.
I watched all six episodes back-to-back last night and have now decided it's one of the truly great TV programmes of the last decade - and guilt-ridden miserabilist realist journalist Dan Ashcroft one of TV land's most pathetic and most heroic characters.
Fagburn seems to recall the reviews being distinctly meh - maybe some people didn't realise it was meant to be as depressing as a one-way ticket to Hades.
There's also a constant riff throughout on how the idiots' obsession with homosex is a key sign of their infantilism - brought to a head when Dan is sent to write and research a feature on the "straight-on-straight gay sex scene" in episode 5.
Well bum.

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