Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Newsflash: US Files 22 New Charges Against Bradley Manning

"The US Army has charged a soldier held in connection with the leak of US government documents published by the Wikileaks website with 22 extra counts.
"The new charges against Private First Class Bradley Manning include aiding the enemy, a capital offence, but prosecutors have said they will not seek the death penalty.
"The intelligence analyst is being held at a military jail in Virginia..."

From the BBC News website.
Full statement and chargesheet from US Army.
I'm trying to find out what weight, if any, the prosecutors saying they will not seek the death penalty has (Edit: "The prosecution has told Manning's lawyers that it will not recommend capital punishment, although the presiding military judge has the authority to override the prosecution's recommendation and impose the death penalty" Oh fuck!).

Bradley Manning Support Network, UK Friends Of Bradley Manning.
Read some disturbing updates on Manning's treatment and prosecution from his defense attorney David E Coombs.
Archive of Fagburn stories about Bradley Manning. Number of stories about Manning on Pink News and Pink Paper to date: Zero.

• Who Will Save Private Braldey Manning? by Sophie Elmhirst is in this week's New Statesman. Bradley gets a coverline, but it's not available online. One person who has visited him in prison several times recently says he has appeared "catatonic"...

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