Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sex And The Sitcom: Satan In The Suburbs

Fagburn's just wached last night's BBC 4 documentary, Sex And The Sitcom.
Like all these "cunts and clips" programmes (as they're known in the trade), although rather enjoyable it tended to gallop through things, and missed out much.
If anything it seemed to show that rather than refelecting changing sexual mores, TV comedy has usually been painfully behind the times - and the joke is often that people aren't getting any.
Gay men were almost completely absent from the programme; just that "normal" gay couple in Agony, and Tom in Gimme Gimme Gimme.
Gay Sex And The Sitcom would make for a very interesting programme.
If you want to fill in the gaps Fagburn highly recommends two books; Keith Howes' Broadcasting It: an Encyclopedia of Homosexuality on Film, Radio and TV in the UK 1923–1993, and Andy Medhurst's A National Joke: Popular Comedy and English Cultural Identity, which despite its academic-sounding subtitle is often as funny as its subjects.

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