Friday, 22 April 2011

Banksy: Kisses For Sale

"A piece of wall bearing one of Banksy’s most iconic works has been flown to America to be sold.
"Experts predict the kissing policeman [Sic], painted on the wall of the Prince Albert pub in Trafalgar Street, Brighton in 2004, could reach in excess of £1 million."

The Argus, Brighton.
Eh? The original was painted over by (presumably homophobic) vandals in 2006, but I hope the squillionaire new owner is happy with whatever he's bought.

Update: "In 2008 a specialist art restoration company used chemicals to transfer the image onto a canvas, and the original was replaced with a facsimile, encased in perspex. "I don't think we are cheating people," said Steward. "Maybe it's a little bit misleading but it's 80% a Banksy, just the stencil's been done by somebody else." (The Guardian)


  1. er, why is the banksy a work of art but painting over it is a work of vandalism? maybe it was an act of art criticism? or a work of art in itself.
    maybe i've had too much to think.
    or not enough.
    where's my chin...

  2. Ah, just seen the brackets. I guess so...
    Can't stand Bansky, though.