Sunday, 17 April 2011

Betty Blue Eyes: At Last!!! Musicals Just Got Gayer!

Cameron Mackintosh presents Betty Blue Eyes, a musical comedy adaptation of Alan Bennett's A Private Function by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, the creators of the ace Queer As Folk USA, and starring an animatronic pig which sings in the voice of Kylie Minogue.
How could it possibly go wrong?
"Betty Blue Eyes has nothing like the charm of the original," sniffs The Sunday Times.
"There are some pretty crude comic caricatures, too... A number of scenes are turgid or pointlessly camp."
Camp - Boo!
"A let-down... the evening left me disgruntled," chimed in The Independent.
The Daily Mail begged to differ; 'This Porker Is A Corker!'
For once The Guardian found itself in agreement with the Mail; "Witty and delightful...sucessfully brings home the bacon."
And The Times was even more enthusiastic; "A new smash musical is born: witty, rude, lovable, warm, dramatic, hilarious."
Blimey. Oink oink!


  1. I wonder if this will do for Alan Bennett what Hairspray - The Musical did for John Waters and make him very comfortable in his dotage? Hope so.

  2. How can something be "pointless camp"?
    If it's camp, that's the point.

    I thought Queer As Folk USA was supposed to be pants?
    I only saw one scene and it was, I assume, the first sex scene between the slutty character and the virgin twink. Only the US version was all in "atmospheric lighting" and everything seemed to be covered up, whereas the great thing about the original was that it was all out in the open, well-lit and quite intense.
    I decided it must be cack and didn't bother with it. :(

  3. I really liked Queer As Folk USA.
    The only problem was that the slutty stud was fucking fugly.