Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blood Donor Ban: Ten Years After

'Gays Win Fight To Donate Blood', announces The Sunday Times today.
There's an ever so small caveat though; "The ban on gay men giving blood is to be lifted but donors cannot have had sex for 10 years to stop HIV contaminated blood reaching patients."
Which rules out most gay men, and does nothing to address or challenge stigma, but anyway, do go on...
"Anne Milton, the public health minister, is expected to announce the move soon following concerns that the existing blanket ban is discriminatory and could breach equality laws. Gay men who are or have been sexually active are banned from donating to ensure that blood contaminated with HIV does not reach patients."
So basically gay men who don't have sex with men may be able to give blood - grrreat!
Wouldn't it be simpler to only let straight men give blood? No, hang on...
Fagburn advises you don't even get your hopes up about this cop-out.
In February The Sunday Times splashed another big gay scoop across its front page;
'Gays Will Get Right To Marry'
As you may have noticed - and as Fagburn predicted at the time - we "Gays" didn't actually get anything of the sort.

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