Thursday, 28 April 2011

Boyz Magazine: Royal Wedding Souvenir Edition

You may have hoped this celebration of tomorrow's cavalcade of crapola was ironic, but I can't see a single shred of it.
"Highlights" of this week's Boyz magazine include a letter from 'The Office of Prince William Of Wales' ("Warmest thanks and best wishes..."), 'A Right Royal Wedding Round-up ("This Friday is going to be all about bunting, beer and bridal gowns..."), and - best of all - a column where "Scene Queen" Dusty O "tells us why she's been a lifelong royalist."
"I have great respect and admiration for real royalty. I feel it's an essential proclamation of British identity in a time where national characteristics are dosed down to fit in with a more PC policy peddled by the left."
Wait, there's more...
"Her majesty has dedicated her whole life to serving her nation. In a time where we seem to have fostered, on certain levels, a work-shy subculture of people dependent on benefits, with the kind of attitude that expects the state to provide for them [!!!!! - Fagburn], I personally see her as a shining light of a work ethic and dedication to duty we seem to have partially lost from modern culture..."
Oh do fuck off.

• Don't forget tomorrow's Royal Zombie Flash Mob organised by Queer Resistance, and the protest against the invitation to seven royal tyrants outside Buckingham Palace at 2pm today organised by Justice For Bahrain.


  1. Oh God, what a load of shite.
    I've never read Boyz; doubt I ever will...

  2. OBscene Queen, more like.

    (that's only taken me three hours...)